About Us


Suzukoo Relaxation & Skin design originated in a small town named “Wakuya” which is located in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan.  It is a hidden gem located in the middle of rice fields and beautiful nature.  Check out our Japanese Website: SUZUKOO JAPAN.

In Hawaii we perform the same wonderful services provided in Japan such as Massage therapy, Facials and effective skin care treatments.  Additionally, we provide high quality Permanent make-up services such as Microblading (Micropigmentation), Shadow Eyeliners, and Lips.  All our services are performed in the Japanese style of “Omotenashi” which means Japanese traditional way of warm hospitality.

Visit us to relax and refresh your mind and body.  This is the peaceful escape you’ve been looking for.  Services are performed by appointment only.  Schedule your appointment before your visit.

– M A K O T O –




From Miyagi, JAPAN

State of Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist #MAT-12115

State of Hawaii Licensed Cosmetologist #BEO-18811

State of Hawaii Licensed Permanent Make-up Artist #3389

Certified US 2B Bio Peel

Certified belle Herbal Skin Peeling

Certified Level 3 Bach Flower Remedy

Certified Aromatouch therapist

Certified in Pain Control Effectiveness

Certified in Bloodborne Pathogens & Infection Control for Tattoo Artists & Body Piercers

I am a Certified Permanent Makeup artist and also a Cosmetologist and Massage Therapist. I have studied in Japan, Europe and in the United States.  I love this industry and my motivation is to help people improve their quality of life through treatments that promote health and beauty, and build confidence.

I strongly believe that improving beauty is improving happiness as it removes stress and builds confidence.  My beliefs are what motivated me to pursue a career as a professional esthetician in Japan 19 years ago.  Since then I’ve studied all over the world and still it is going on.  Updating skills is very important and never ending.

My Specialities

  • Permanent Make-up
  • Massage Therapy (Teaching in Japan)
  • Facials (Teaching in Japan)

I enjoy performing my specialities and I look forward to having you as my client in Hawaii!

心身の疲労からくる疲れ、またはストレスからくる身体の疲れ、ぜひ全身のリラクゼーションマッサージで心と身体をともにリフレッシュしてください。当スパでは、MAKOTOオリジナルのリラクゼーションマッサージ ”ロミスウェディッシュ” (日本でもお受けいただけます。www.lomiswedish.com) はもちろん、バラエティー豊かなマッサージメニューとなっております。また、美容コースとして贅沢なフェイシャルコース。ハワイで挙式をされる皆様のためのハワイ・ブライダルエステ。その他にも世界トップレベルの技術でナチュラルに地毛のように入れていく眉のアートメイクやアイライナー、リップアートメイク、世界中で大人気の肌再生トリートメントによるアンチエージングケアもご用意しております。


– M I K A –

From Tokyo, JAPAN

State of Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist #MAT-11921

Certified aromatherapist and essential oil specialist

Aloha!  I am a Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed in Hawaii.

I have a strong passion for massage.  My specialty is Lomi Lomi massage, learned from Hawaiian teacher.  I also do prenatal massage (from third trimester) for healthy mothers.

My Specialties

  • Lomi Lomi
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Swedish massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Aroma Therapist




– D E K O-

From Tokyo, JAPAN

State of Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist #MAT-13263

State of Hawaii Licensed Cosmetologist #BEO-20158




I love to see my customers smile after the session or treatment.  That encourages me to be more as a therapist and esthetician.  So here I am!

My specialties

  • Facials
  • Facial Reflexology
  • lomi lomi
  • Swedish massage
  • Prenatal massage